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ISO Daily Detail Putty. Light-to-medium hold putty that separates, defines, lifts and holds without feeling heavy. Designed for: Anyone with fine/normal textured hair. Product Benefits: Flexible hold. Satin finish. Use: Emulsify a dime-sized amount between hands and work through dry hair. Apply to ends in sections as a spot detailer. Ingredients:Flexible Hold Fixatives: Elastic resins that provide a light-to-medium hold, and a flexible, textured finish with the ability to style and re-style.Silicone and Emollient Blend: Silicone emollient hybrid that provides a weightless satin finish.Style Enhancing Conditioners: Innovative conditioners that add slip, making the putty creamy, easy to apply and leaving a great natural feel to the hair.Emulsion and Hold Enablers: Ensure Daily Detail Putty remains lightweight on fine hair. Also responsible for product's cushiony, malleable texture.