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Right from the moment, Babor initiated its journey as a brand in 1956, it has tried to achieve great accomplishments in professional skin care. Founded by Dr. Michael Babor, the brand has been a pioneer in researching innovative technologies to counter the premature aging that has troubled women across the world since eternity.

Babor Skinovage Products have been designed to cope up with the perplexing demands of women living in the present world. Since the brand is ever evolving, the technology and the formulations used in the products never grow old; they keep evolving as well.

If you buy Babor products, you can say goodbye to all the aging signs that have been troubling you over the time. In the present day, the major causes of premature aging is the UVA rays and the active agents present in our polluted environment. Made from the alpine stem cells and OsmoTec, Babor Skinovage Products safeguards your skin against the visibility of aging signs an restores the osmotic balance of the skin.

The major advantage of Babor Cosmetics is that their pH levels are similar to that of the skin. Thus, they are extremely gentle on the skin and can be used on all skin types. The paraben free formula makes them a perfect choice.

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